Doric Film Festival Picks up the top award o Project o the Year
at the 2019 Scots Language Awards in Glasgow

The Doric Film Festival were honoured to pick up Project o’ the Year at the first ever Scots Language Oscars held on the 27th September atthe Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow.

The event, which saw 11 awards presented, was launched to coincide with the United Nations’ International Year of Indigenous Languages initiative.

The Awards event was backed by Creative Scotland, the Scottish Government, the Scots Language Centre and was instigated by Hands Up for Trad, the team behind BBC Scotland’s Young Traditional Musician of the Year contest.

Among the winners were the Doric Film Festival, which was named project of the year with Scot’s Radio Director and Producer, Frieda Morrison, named as the nation’s best Scots speaker winning the Scots Spiker o the Year.

Michael Dempster, director of the Scots Language Centre, said: “We’re delighted to welcome the inaugural Scots Language Awards, particularly during this, the UN year of Indigenous Languages.

“The public use and promotion of Scots is increasingly to the fore all year round and these awards are a very welcome addition to the calendar.”

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