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Registration for Festival Entries

Competition Guidelines

  • Participants are asked to make a film – no more than 5 mins in duration – that presents their interpretation of ‘What the North East of Scotland Means to Me’.
  • All content must be original including music, text and script The film must not be more than 5 mins in duration and all dialogue in Doric. All text must be in Doric.


The Doric Film Festival has arranged training and assistance (mentioned as various categories in the form below). This training expects entrants to go along with a timeline as follows:

End of February: Complete scripting and storyboarding
End of March: Complete filming
April to mid-May: Editing

Entry / Submission Deadlines

The final deadline for entries who want all available training is 28 February 2019
The final deadline for all entries and submissions is 31 May 2019

The Awards Event will take place on July 2nd 2019

Technical Specifications

Accepted file formats are:
AVI, QuickTime and MPEG.

File Extensions:
.avi, .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .m4v

We can accept files that are up to 2GB in size (duration up to 5 minutes)
All films must be submitted digitally.
Please note that it may take some time to upload your file to our system and this depends upon the speed of your connection.


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